II. The City of The Sun

Can you see me?
We aren’t exactly the same…anymore.
A tangled twirl laid fractured in collision with this island.

Every so often you turn towards me,
and we are born together,
as a sea fed from rivers of fire.

But when you look back into this island
we vanish inseparable again.
Its roots turn sweet,
our selves elusive
as anything to which a name can be given.

But this time I’ve come to tell you,
we must flee further from ourselves.
Come, let us swim in the water,
we’ll swim like something sparkling underneath the waves.

The currents will be our map,
and its Name will be our capital.
It will pull us deep below the surface,
past the tug of the simple profound sadness
when our shore sounds so far away.

We’ll arise for breath at its center,
arose red with dawn,
clearing skies for sun’s sweat
bouncing off surfaces,
imitating your face, blinding your body,
illuminating skies.

Gravity has grown warm in its density, has reached out from The City of The Sun. Come with me, let us sway about its convergence.



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