Flowers of Petaling People



For as long as any consciousness can remember, there have been two kinds of people. The conscious Squallias, whose culture peaked with realizing physiological abundance in nature. And the unconscious Bicamerals, whose right-sided brain projects hallucinated gods that command the left side of the brain towards furthering technology.

And for as long as any consciousness can remember, a war between these two people has endured:  the conscious, yet uncoordinated strategy of the Squallias vs the progressive tools and weapons of the unconscious Bicameral elite.

But before any consciousness could remember, there were only the Bicamerals; slaves to their own mind, where volition came as a voice in which the command and action were not separated. To hear was to obey.

Human’s nature, split in two: an executive part called Gods, and a follower part called man. Neither part was conscious. This is their story…


It was expected to be inevitable: The unrequited love of dead Kings was always short lived, for they were destined to become benevolent Gods. But on this specific occasion, this King was greeted with a solemnity that had more curiosity than veneration.

This King’s tribe was migrating, sowing seeds of civilization at every source, endeavoring through holy obligation with a religious regularity. But the environment had begun to carry an ominous silence in the senses, ultimately made deaf by the death of the King.

And from the unfamiliar nothingness within the silence came the cold commands, lifting King to God through deepening ritual. The tides of entrainment waxed and waned, shedding nameless worshippers back to their nature of responding to stimulus with a senseless passion, on the edge of the world, only just brimming with an awareness of the beginning of their time.


Days past, and some remained within ritual, absorbed by a devotion and submissive tenderness that bore too close a resemblance to convalescent love.

Others eventually disengaged from ritual, intimately tending to each other’s bodies, while simultaneously refining shared truths from which a new hierarchy was to emerge. And through this politic, the Gods had polarized in a way that was particularly contradictory.

The Blue Gods were first to become aware of this polarization. And their deceitful exploitation of the Red Gods was immediately followed by a rewarding state of affairs. But unknown to them, the Red Gods caught on quickly and invisibly, gaining a last mover advantage, exploiting what had now become a baseless social reality.

A pitiable people, ruined by ritual, and being unable to violate the volition of the voices, were now consumed with building illusory tribal currents, flowing fluid power gradients crashing into shockwave, around a greasy pole of power.

Within this struggle among difference, held in suspension, where Man was becoming King, and King was becoming God, there sparked a breakdown among authority, which caused order to crumble as chaos darkened the holy brightness of the unconscious world.

A sense of self was emerging, posited first in the contradictory Other, as an attempt to explain their different and bewildering behavior. [TODO: write more about “positing into the Other” in a way that hints towards the next step being “inferring oneself”]

[idea: as the sense of self comes to exist, switch from a ‘omniscient backstory perspective’ towards a first person perspective of one of the squallias who is becoming conscious. As a result, become less atmospheric in style after consciousness arises]

This step towards autonomy struck a discord, in the form of a profane shadow, between the acts of man and their divine source. A tragic loosening from hallucinated faith made the Gods recriminatory, inspiring the practice of cruelty as an attempt to rule by fear. [this paragraph doesn’t have enough continuity with previous paragraphs. its too abstract, the plot is too abstract.]

[the mind begun spinning a web around itself, inhibiting itself, becoming wrapped up within themselves, isolating from others, repressing dialogue to persist dominance for its own sake.]

[some of the gods caught on to this, and began ruling by fear to repress consciousness, and maintain their dominance. But other gods fought back.]

[ruling by fear, while sense of self exists within the other. last stand: implying false intimacy. This all greatly magnified the tribe’s burden while on the brink of disillusionment.]

[inherent fragility of hallucinatory control]

Their [repression bred] straining energy[, which] found manifest outlets as a yawning cavern, instantly and utterly consuming all that approached, illuminating camouflaged fulfillment. They begun storing time within space as a collection of moments, perpetually feeding probable cause into pertinent effects.


this unoccupied base of all operations

a fire so fierce in contrast

And as if by a coincidence between inner life and observable outwardly behavior, the Others were becoming a mirror from which to infer themselves.  The knower had become realized within the known, viewing the viewer for the first time.

the positing of internal cause in the observation of difference in others

time, identity, sense of self (similarities between these “Others” and my own body), conciliation (the action of mediating between two disputing people or groups), and finally the analog (i.e. “map of an”) “i”



A transparent lens becomes reflective, and then becoming a colored mist to cloud their universe from an awe that is impossible for their realized selves to appreciate

the mere presence of clarity was proof of their victory

[become less atmospheric in style after consciousness arises]

One can scarcely imagine the panic and hesitancy that would feature human behavior during the ensuing disorder

a boiler of straining energy which demanded manifest outlets and when repressed pushed up and out into neurotic behavior and the spinning camouflaged fulfillments of going-nowhere dreams

A growing wedge of consciousness as seen as the difference between those enthralled within ritual, and those who had separated

an awe that was no longer submissive


grew among men straddling between

subconscious becoming a boiler of straining energy which demanded manifest outlets and when repressed pushed up and out into neurotic behavior and the spinning camouflaged fulfillments of going-nowhere dreams

reduce internal discord

(the curious who remain in the entrainment ritual come to consciousness somehow while stuck between the sense-less reality in which they are within, and the purpose of ritual which they are being commanded to obey in response to the unfamiliar situation that they have found themselves in, they become conscious)